1.  An Environmental Agency Authority rod licence must be held.

2.  The fisheries are private waters and are let solely for day and season ticket fishing to individual applicants. Match or club fishing shall only be arranged with the fishing management.

3.  Any person leaving vehicles or entering the fishery do so at their own risk.

4.  The Management or its employees cannot accept responsibility for any fatality, accident or injury, loss or damage whatsoever to persons or their property.

5.  No fires, radios, dogs, swimming, camping, water sports or model boats.

6.  Persons making excessive noise or other action likely to cause annoyance to others will be asked to leave. Please avoid areas planted with young trees. Damage to or pilfering from crops will lead to a ban from the fishery. Take care to preserve wildlife, leave no litter.  

7.  Fishing by artificial fly or lure only. No spinning, or other bait or any other type. Lures may not have more than two hooks. Only one person at a time to stand on platforms.

8.  Limit of catch. Two, three or four fish as per the appropriate permit. After bag limit has been caught and killed, a catch and release policy employed using barb-less hooks only.

9.  Please fill in a Returns and post in the box provided. This will assist the Management to re-stock promptly. Nil returns also to be made.

10.  Fishermen must show their catch/tackle to any appointed officer of the fishery if asked to do so. This may include the checking of vehicles. Failure to do so may render them liable to a ban from the fishery. Any person found to have in excess of the current catch limit/permit, may be liable to prosecution under Section 1 of the 1968 Theft Act.

11.  Sharing of rods or bag limit prohibited.

12.  No live fish to leave the fishery.